Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crispy Dosa

Ingredients :
1. Raw rice 2 cups
2. Boiled rice 2 cups (Ukkada chawal)
3. Ural dal 1 cup flattened
4. Methi seeds 2 tsp.
5. 1 table spoon Aval (Poha) , Rice flakes
6. Oil or ghee for frying

Wash cleanly twice before and soak all the ingredients except methi and Poha together.
To retain the medicinal value of methi wash once and add just enough water keep it separately.
Before grinding soak poha .(Optional)
Soak the above ingredients for at least 4 to 6 hours .
Grind it in the grinder or mixer adding methi seeds poha etc till fine.
Add salt allow it to ferment for about 8-10 hours.

1. Take a non-stick tawa apply little oil and wipe it with a cloth or paper.
2. Mix the batter briskly adding some water. Batter should be little thinner
than idli batter.
3. Pour this on a tawa and immediately spread in the circular motion till thin then add ghee or oil say one to 2 tsp in the dosa and keep the stove on the medium fire.
5. After browning of dosa take out and serve.
6. Follow the same procedure for the next dosa.

1. Heat tawa nicely before pouring dosa.
2. Each and every time wipe it with a cloth or tissue paper.
3. After pouring immediately sim the fire and spread the dosa.
4. To get crispy dosa (mix oil and ghee ) pour this mixture oil.
5. Adding methi seeds dosa will turn into golden brown.


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