Monday, March 23, 2009

Vazhakai Cutlet and Rose Milk

Cutlet any time of the year ..No problem ..But esp during spring time ...Very very apt ..We used to always prepare aloo cutlets or vegetable cutlets....This time i decided to make something different from the usual ...Raw Banana Cutlet ..'Vazhakai "...Quite simple recipe .To go along with this I actually wanted to make strawberry milkshake , but i did not have strawberry at home ...So wht to do ????...Then thought why cant i prepare rose milk ...something similar ...
This would be my entry for Meeta's Monthly Mingle
This cutlet has got few variations from the normal one .So here how it goes

Raw Materials Required
2 Raw Banana
1/2 Carrot Grated
1/3 Cup Green Peas
1/2 Cup Small Red Onion
1 tsp Chilli Powder
1 tsp Gram masala
Salt as per taste
Little Kotmali

Preparation Style
Boil the banana's in cooker and peel the skin .Smash the banana and add the onion,grated carrot , peas and all the masala's together .Add Salt and kotamali and mix it together and make small cutlets out of them .Then place them in the tava and allow it to cook .Turn both the sides until they reach dark brown color by adding few dops of oil .Serve it hot with pudhina chutney.

Rose Milk is very simple and easy to make .I just used 4 tsp of Rooh Afza and blended it with 2 glass of milk and added 2 tsp of sugar.

Hot Hot Cutlets and Cool Rose Milk ...Spring time at our place ....
Last week i had shared my new rose bud arrival at our place .This week it has taken life by few more additions ....Enjoy your spring .....


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